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Naural Gifts from Kids&Us

Published 29/11/2016 by Kids&Us

Kids&Us presents its Natural Gifts collection, gifts designed to be the perfect complement to help your children to learn English. In keeping with our global learning philosophy, these gifts are enjoyable and fun tools to consolidate what students learn in the classroom at home.

Kids&Us offers a range of storybooks and games in English designed for little ones, which can be used either with or without the talking pen. At Kids&Us we aim to give parents tools so that they can accompany their children on the exciting journey of learning a language. We want children to see reading from a different perspective. We make use of texts designed specifically for their level of English.

Talking Pen: the super digital reader

The Talking Pen is a digital pen that children can use to learn how to pronounce English in an enjoyable and entertaining way. It is the number one complement for these book collections, games and storybooks for Kids&Us courses.  Reading a story to your children in English will no longer be a problem!

Natural Gifts 2016

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